It’s been two months.. but I’m starting on making some more gifs today! Yay. 

Don't you think it'll be cool if charmed started back up with Kim Khloe and Kourtny Kardashian was Paige, Piper, and Phoebe?

I really hope you’re joking. 
I wouldn’t like it if Charmed was restarted at all to be honest though. No matter who the actresses were. I love Charmed but it’s over and I think it should be left as the amazing show it is. 

Sending positive vibes your way <3

Thank you so much. :)

why arent you posting lately?

Honestly? Because I haven’t been in a good place. I have no motivation to do anything and I don’t know what to gif. If you want something done specifically you can tell me, and I can do it. But I might be slower than usual. Sorry. I’ll be posting again when I’m feeling better.

Your gifs are awesome! Don't listen to the anon who said they aren't. <3

Aw thanks! :)

Gif Requests?

your gifs are not even that good get over it

I don’t care if you like them or not. I make them because I enjoy making them. And yes, I do realize that I’m not as good as a lot of other people out there making gifs. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t put in a lot of time and effort creating them. So no, I won’t let it go. It isn’t fair to steal someone’s work no matter how good or bad it is. There is a reblog button there for a reason. People should use it.